About Us

Without question there’s nothing like Nana’s cooking to savor the flavor of a new day. Aromas rise and tastebuds come alive! Nana’s most cherished recipes take center stage at Nana’s Cocina in the heart of North Denver.

Nana’s Cocina specializes in Authentic New Mexican Cuisine. The restaurant’s varied menu features perfected red and green chile, addictive frijolitos pintos, mouth-watering calabacitas, to-die-for stacked blue corn tortilla enchiladas, fabulous Frito pie and unbelievable grilled brisket tacos. And that’s just for starters!

Affordable lunch specials Tuesday through Friday and award-winning Menudo and Posole served every Sunday will make eating at Nana’s a welcomed and regular habit.

Nana’s rice pudding, sopapillas, and homemade bizcochitos are the best way to end your meal.

North Denver native and owner, Ervin Lucero, grew up cooking alongside grandma Josefita Trujillo (Lucero), originally from San Miguel County, New Mexico.

Ervin’s maternal grandma, Eulalia “LaLa” Atencio (Quintana) from El Rito, New Mexico, pleasured many pallets with her incredible cooking at the New Mexico Inn, a favorite gathering spot in the 1960’s located on 19th & Larimer St.

Lucero recently returned home to Denver after spending six years in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
“I am glad to be home but I sure miss the food! There’s no authentic New Mexico-style food in Denver,” says Lucero. Now with Nana’s Cocina’s operating that is no longer true.

Nana’s Cocina is open six days a week Tuesday through Sunday for dine-in and take-out patrons.